by - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

It was quite a wonderful month, full to porcelain brim with amazing tastes ranging from ones I've never tried in my life to well known but approached from a different angle. This colourful spectrum of natural produce I hardly had to convince myself to savor kept my tongue eager for more. Each picture comes with its story - thriving from a mistake (I added cornflour instead of corn to my chickpea patties), burnt side of a hand, indigestion I kept my culinary interests in a right place. I cheated too. The second week Damian decided to whip a dangerous amount of scrambled eggs with bacon and there was an equal share of it for the three of us that outshone my vegan efforts. I inhaled all the meat cooking fumes whenever I got a chance but appreciated my little journey through healthier options more because each recipe in the 30-day cleanse was a delicious combination of what my taste buds understand and what they are aching to try. Will you believe if I say my devotion to sugar faded the minute it wasn't allowed on a recipe? It disappeared and hasn't been renewed since. I crave sugar, don't be fooled I've lost all my sweet veneers however they've been taken care of the less processed way: dried fruit, fresh fruit, drop of honey played the part. Am I expert in vegan eating? Heck no! I'm just sharing what I'm learning along this crazy adventure. I've done it, completed my cleanse but you can't be in a beginner's phase forever, right? I have a few ideas in mind, brace yourselves - a recipe even! and will continue to share it with you. Whether you're into plant based cuisine or are heavy on the meat, do tell me your thoughts on food. I'd love to hear it! xxx     

Vegan Adventure 01

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  1. Only a month under your belt and so delicious results. XX

    1. I love it, preparing, consuming, snapping ;) xx