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Do you often experience that super luxurious feeling of not having to write things down or type them on your smartphone because you’re so sure it’ll be remembered next day? So does my husband. I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to work out why there is so much pleasure in avoiding tangible reminders and electronic to-do lists especially if the effort of pushing a few buttons or scribbling down a couple of words is next to nothing instead of finding it supremely embarrassing whilst locating important things among grey cells. Jotting down or just saving it on the phone would change the whole dynamic of our morning conversation. Smart devices as well as acting as pretty tools are to be practical. It only takes one note at a time to make a difference. 
It doesn’t matter if members of your family are near or far or if they’re crazily busy as long as they recognize the importance of technology. In such cases you won't tell where the boundaries begin and where the lines stop and people still don't believe me until they press the send button. But don’t overdo it, one social network at a time. So when my great uncle starts sending me Photoshopped pictures, invites me to his WhatsApp account and comments on my Facebook page I’m never going to avoid socializing the global way because we live miles apart, see each other in small doses every occasional summer, neglect postcards before they’ve been discontinued on the market. Our lives are crazy, big changes happen on an hourly basis so it makes sense swapping old stationery for a palmrest. He surprised me greatly with mastering the buttons in such quick way. So if you consider recommending a laptop or smartphone to more mature members of your family, trust me it’s transformed internal connections with mine just by adding more passwords and nicknames. Until we see each other again, technology is having family on stand by.

I love my shopping totes: linen stitches, clean lines, easy to carry, challenging to hide from rain. But my life revolves around daring moves so will just stuff them with umbrella and a couple of pouches of juice before making it obvious we’re ready to dash off. 

If the three of us were a really smashing dish, Nadia would definitely act as good spice in this recipe. She adds everything we need to feel compact, shaken up and just right. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! x

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  1. so very cute pictures :)
    I posted a new OUTFIT, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  2. Snippets of our life... Such great way to organize memories.

    1. I'm planning to print them out and put in a book to flip through in the winter months. xx