by - Saturday, May 24, 2014

kind of typical
typical summer
boys and the girl
We're just sweet people who enjoy the simple things in life, and there's only one place to reflect this ;) Yes, the water is still too cold to frolic jauntily in its arms and yes, we were one of the few strangers hoping for a quick and painless tan but Nadia and the boys couldn't wait for the chance to bring their toys out to play without having to worry about scrapped knees and stained cotton. So we went. And kept the summer frame of mind. But everyone else did too. 

sand explorer
all the kids together

Next day belonged to lounging. A project so worth every inch of a pale skin. Boys took their tops off and that little princess Nadia obsessed with hot nail varnish and drawing Bambi lashes on the faces of her ragdolls was more than into it herself. It's great to see her deriving from both worlds - being girly doesn't mean you cannot feel the breeze right on your skin. Enjoy the weekend, friends! xx 

run my little girl
delicious summer

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  1. Our best places to be when the sun decides to give its best - can't wait for more sunny escapades!

    1. I hope there will be more to spend together. Bring it on summer! xx