by - Friday, May 02, 2014

Hi! Did I tell you I'm addicted? To cuddles and glucose but mostly to pixels and HTML. In other words following a blog (or more than five) makes up one tenth of my daily routine. I've compiled some of my favourite photos from a blog I would love to begin my morning rambling with. I wasn't introduced to Drea's world recently, I have been visiting her for a long time not really minding my own business by staying for too long and commenting on many posts. As cool as a game of visiting other blogs is this particular site never disappointed me in content and regularity of posting being a gently medicine to my insomnia. Everyday events shared through photos and stories, all hilariously funny, magical, sad, inspirational in every way taking up most of my spare time with ease. Is that even possible? Surprises I’m never over with. We're different in many ways, so similar in most - blogging mamas full of creative juices whether they happen to simmer in the kitchen or sealing a good deal, raising pretty awesome little girls or princesses or ladybirds or whoever they want to be at a time. Her site is definitely starving soul's friendly - you will not find meat there but if you're after natural occurring sugars you'll be more than pleased. I just couldn't drool any longer and jumped on the plant based bandwagon giving my kitchen utensils tasks they've longed for for generations. Clever, passionate mama constantly on the go mode has reorganized my life in many little ways. So if you're local or just browsing, do stop at ohdeardrea that nestles next to South Florida's best spots and happens to be my favourite. But that's what you already know :) 

<< All the gently saturated photos underneath the ones of a high contrast are taken from Drea's website and authorized to be used for the purpose of allowing me to take part in a competition with Currys PC World to win all-in-one PC (even my old laptop thinks I need something that is more functional and just a tad to be taken notice of. HP Rove I'm talking to you.) >> 

So this is my light load for Friday. What's yours? Don't forget to check Currys competition! xx 

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  1. very nice pictures and post darling
    I'd love to know your opinion on my new post
    have anice day

  2. Good luck with the competition!!!!

    1. Thanks! I crave a change under my fingertips! ;)