by - Thursday, May 22, 2014

This challenge is a funny thing. And by funny I mean responding to questions that were analyzed many times before, like a lot of winters ago - now ready and well thought out to get released from a Blogger draft into wider audience in record time. Except never pausing daily life and my mind buzzing with thoughts of unknown quantity have doubled up the layers resting casually on the backs of subjects I create my life with. Some answers are not applicable anymore and a lot of them needed good re-thinking sessions to be close enough to speak out loud today unlike any other times. So... things I believe in strongly as of this lifetime. Limited to first five.   
  • I believe in potential and natural talents and if staying consistent, hard-working and a little self-willed - anyone can achieve the impossible. I believe humans can do what they want and how they want it, it's up to them if it's happening. We are that lucky.
  • I truly believe people can change their lives once they change their mindsets. Thoughts carve our reality, everything we perceive around has been created by our minds through attitudes and what we are focused on. Understanding how the Secret works just makes me feel a little more in charge of any days to come, no matter what.
  • I believe in astrology or should I say - certain conclusions made from daily horoscopes and planet and stars alignment apply to some of my dispositions and obviously Chinese calendar is the most suitable to take advice from if we want to become friends. It can tell more about what sort of girl I am than whoever is in progress of getting to know me.
  • I may call it karma or plainly 'what goes around comes around' or less dramatically 'what you desire today will be given to you this way or another', most probably to prove you wrong. Highlands always felt a little bit closer to my inner landscape so I dismissed any thought of enjoying the sea. Not soon after life has shown me how wrong I was by making me fall in love with it to its furthest shore.
  • Freud's theory about personality follows me around like an abandoned puppy: the existence of consciousness and subconsciousness forming an individual's actions, our childhood having major impact on who we become as adults comes complete with all psychic energy being generated by libido. I believe it's true. And then don't think too much about it.

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