Do you get excited, motivated, moved and whatever else after seeing something that you may consider turning in something else and have fun along the way? Not to mention that you want to start doing it right away? The message is clear – you’ll get out of it more by picturing yourself doing it than actually... getting on with it. But to the point. Granny friendly shelves of crochet yarn in ecstatic colours and I’m done shopping elsewhere. I'll just look seriously concerned if it could end up pleasantly in a scarf form or unidentified shape of something I’ve seen and hardly recreated. Or fabrics, pots of paint get me equally excited about my non-existent sewing and colour mixing abilities. One can always wander down the aisles. 

To avoid more drama on a misbehaving coast I grabbed my favourite monthly publication that was enveloped in film. It contained a free copy of a music CD but the idea of originally wrapped magazine on a potentially suicidal day is more than rad. Was I lucky or seriously lucky that day? 

We all know that long woolen winter socks look good on top but for once I could just make them work underneath my jeans. It's still cold commuting! The decision was easy and my jeans knew how to act in certain situations. Only that I might never do that again. I’ve never thought I’d perfect scratching, tugging and tearing in order to pull what’s dropped. Perplexed is understatement. Errands will never get done when there’s this thing on my mind or below my knees now that you mention it.
Sunglasses needed! If you spend a pound on outlandish pair to be worn just a couple of times all the balance is restored. Surprisingly they don’t get damaged as they used to between a year old fingers so inexpensive means days of completely guilt-free fun.

I’ve got this fairy light string wrapped around legs of my home office desk. They are cherry blossom lights that glow in red and make me happy just to look at them mindlessly daydreaming. And I’ve been noticing all these adorable round bulb droppings on the carpet like ripe plums ready to be turned into a fresh jam for the family. I’ve picked up six and counting. Attaching them back doesn’t work as they’re already broken, except actually without looking festive they end up in several places intentionally or not. Recently as toy mushrooms attached to a cardboard sheet with white dots painted by ourselves truly.  

Have a great weekend! x


  1. Lovely pics :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Hi, great review. beautiful kisses.

  3. I guess instead of picking the electrified cherries from the floor, the best idea is to replace the fruit with a new string of lights. Don't you think? ;)

  4. great pictures.. the one of her in the blue bow remind me of Alice in Wonderland

    1. Yes, you're so right. It's also one of our favourite stories. xx

  5. Oh I actually feel the same way when I find something that I wanna do or create !!! Lovely photos!!! xo


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