by - Monday, January 27, 2014

Our joint portrait is being sketched since the first sign of interest in each other and will continue until the last grey hair. We don't always hold hands, we sit beside but sometimes run alone. Usual story that keeps us up on our toes and never allows to get bored, without a doubt the best lifetime experience imaginable (together with parenthood it is just a roller coaster ride for the clueless). I'd like to dedicate this post to person I've been inseparable for more than a decade, 11 years have found us in a decent shape and form, most especially being able to find a snippet of time to spend this day together. Here is a collection of meaningful things I could and couldn't live without since our dating era. 

I could mostly live without...
- Loud snoring when he reaches his REM stage
- Being asked to the table when I'm reading/blogging/being miles away
- His indecisiveness to numerous ideas of mine and a lot more reasons against them (to eventually going along with my plans and enjoying them to bits. Like I didn't know he would have loved them)
- Side effect of being overtired: coming straight from work, picking up toys and silently putting them back where they belong (quiet before the storm).

But I couldn't possibly make a day without...
- Giving up my share of quilt so I get to cuddle more to warm strong arms
- Blue eyes following me everywhere as I step out of the shower (and most definitely without any fabric on)
- His sweaty T-shirt that stays with me until I get awaken by Nadia's wriggling little body
- Phoning or texting several times a day not being rebuked for bothering him at work especially while his boss is accidentally standing next to him
- Being thought of even when I sleep (as he wakes up early and sometimes makes me breakfast)
- Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes in a delicious gravy (even without salad)
- Getting a gentle peeling with his unshaven jawline
- His smiling face greeting me out of wound down car window every time he's patiently waiting for me (mostly being late) and not going on about it (for the first fifteen minutes)
- Him curling up beside me in bed when we get a chance to lay side by side (chances are slim but we keep trying)
- Hot chocolate made with love (and milk not water) served exactly ten minutes (with the timer accuracy) after stirring the powder in. I don't know who I'd be taking with me on a deserted island - him or the timer, lol

There are a lot more reasons why my heart skips the minute I see your face, Dee. I'll keep collecting them with you by my side. xxx

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  1. i just swooned big time and fell in love with this post!! so wonderful!!

  2. Lovely pic!!!



  3. I was, I am, I will be... always next to you my LOVE!!! xxx PS thank you for lovely day! :)

  4. What a beautiful post! I love how you captured the little things you love about him. You'll enjoy reading this later!