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Most times when I write about recent affairs I try hard to sum them up the most eloquent way and easy to understand due to my habit of digressing or not getting to the point eventually. Or just because English is my second language and there are words out there I haven't yet grasped. I try to write detailed posts people would relate to or have the idea of continuation, be able to put all pieces together. I adore bloggers, writing minds for being able to retrospect on every datail that passed on, every emotion wandering inside finds its verbal substitute on paper or on the screen. They tell you as they've seen it sharing a lot of joy out of the simplest of things. I sense a resolution coming: to be more observant, consistent with my daily assignments, tell stories the way I'd love to hear them. So without further ado, here are some recent snippets I raced back to for you to enjoy. And as relaxed as I might feel it always gets the life out of me to believe this is what I really wanted to say. Either way...

Positively crazy about messy play. Laying up our dining table for meals has never had this atmosphere of anticipation and excitement as setting it up for all things crafty, splashy or with crazy amounts of details we find after weeks behind the sofa. I must have spoken before about our life in play dough and the food supply we end up with while at it (how I love pressing the mould for yummy yellow chips). Recently we've been missing printing paper from our printer's feeder but I didn't give it too much thought until I realized this girl needs a proper drawing pad or we'll get bankrupt on paper. Some drawings are finished, some are nowhere near but end up hung up on our fridge anyway. Or piled up on the windowsill. The older ones are safely kept in colourful folder for rotational displays. But we're definitely ready for more.

Friends that talk and those who could. That Nadia comes with her dad to pick me up from work is beyond sweet, I know. That it is past her bed time... well, not so. But it is only a short drive and while at home it doesn't take us long to get ready for bed. But she found out there is this black friendly cat sitting on concrete steps outside my workplace looking at her with those flirty eyes no one can resist. So picture me coming out and seeing her chasing it, petting, talking to it, giggling and sometimes shouting. Has this child have a parent to take it home? (Damian usually observes her antics from a shaded point so nobody is aware she's  his. Or mine.) Can this child just stop waking the street up? But the cat is there to laugh at and get impatient with when not coming while called by his name (he's name is Louie). Speaking of coming in contact with others I feared growing up with two boys Nadia would miss on that part of her childhood when she shares her deepest secrets and dreams with a girlfriend so similiar to her, braid hair together and well just be close (I can easily recreate on command time spent with my best friend - the adventures, the emotions!). Those days are here - Nadia spends afternoons chatting away with her new friend Erin over sticks of carrot and soft cheese on a sandwich, they have tea parties for those one eyed dolls in the corner of the playing room, they hold hands, read stories together. It makes my heart skip a lot she's found her tiny soulmate and makes me wonder about all of the amazing things they could be doing together once we go out to play outside kindergarten. Nadia really wanted to invite Erin to her birthday party so we did and had her all to ourselves the whole two hours. She was involved in cooking felt cheese and wooden eggs so wasn't exposed to camera lens too much but telling from what we were given to eat, she had a great time over the stove.        
And to top it off every Wednesday I get a little note from Nadia's carer how her day at the kindergarten went. Sometimes it is as sweet as "Nadia has been telling us that she has a DVD with a mouse dancing ballet. She then did a demonstration and when we praised her she got all shy" and sometimes it says "She played with Lego and built a house with a wall." And I'm happy she's having fun, getting independent, making friends. I'm a happy mama.  

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  1. super cuteeeee. Will you like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect, FB and Twitter? Love
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  2. I love the time when we come to greet you after work. The best moment ever. xx

    1. It's beyond great from my side. Knowing you guys are waiting for me is the best feeling ever! xxx

  3. Awwww. Tea parties and felt cheese! Oh, to be four again. :)