by - Saturday, October 19, 2013

I think it is honest to say the smaller flat we accommodate the more people are enthusiastically asked to visit. The less sitting areas in sight, the more standing and passing by occurs. But we just love our place to be shared with friends and family whenever it is socially possible. The images I present unto you were taken back in May on our short two day toddler-free journey to Poland in anticipation of applying for Nadia's passport which didn't happen eventually but all the goodness was swallowed and remembered respectfully (cucumber soup followed by cheese pancakes). The reason being on retrospecting on the taste of home made meals and looking down at this side of Edinburgh from pressurized cabin is having my family coming over for Christmas! It will be just my mum with her partner but I already have great feelings about this. A whole week of bare maximum: chatting, eating, going out, staying in and at this time of year that's all you really need. Nadia is already appreciating the upcoming late nights so the countdown has already begun and I am happy to report that Christmas with all the loved ones we'll try accommodate around our tiny dinner table is coming along nicely. And I hope you won't mind if I share a whole ton of the chaos there will be. And I await.       

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The food looks so yummy :)

    - Laura

  2. The more the merrier! It's going to be out of this world ;)