by - Thursday, September 19, 2013


As seen at Syd's one and only blog.

Making : school lunches that come back home more or less touched
Cooking : hopes and dreams on a large saucepan bringing them
to a fast boil 
Drinking : hot cocoa
Reading: lots of important stuff for my Diploma. And magazines. Blogs too.
Wanting: family vacation we skipped this year. Unplanned and exotic.
Looking: for words and ways to express them
Playing: hide and seek with destiny
Wasting: paper because we draw, cut, glue, fold so the leftovers always appear
Sewing: family ties
Wishing: for less overwhelming thoughts and headaches. More room for emotions.
Enjoying: time spent with Nadia - bedtime, playtime, cuddle time. Another year to savor.
Waiting: for those I love to get home - Damian from work, Nadia from kindergarten
Liking: subtle discoveries on my body - grey hair, beauty spots, unexpected bruise. I overuse our mirrors.
Wondering: when all the pieces of advice will come in handy
Loving: deep, healthy sleep after a busy shift or staying too late at night
Hoping: that today will be finally THAT day
Marveling: at what a four year old is capable of saying at one breath
Needing: dying my hair
Smelling: Nadia's freshly shampooed hair. Sometimes it's peach extract, sometimes kiwi fruit.
Wearing: comfortable ensemble with well-fitted tops
Following: the craziest toddler's ideas
Noticing: dear people around me
Knowing: a little bit more about myself every day
Thinking: way in advance
Feeling: loved
Bookmarking: Everything worth coming back to
Opening: eyes way too early in the morning
Giggling: at all things satisfactory and less so. Really refusing not to giggle at all times.
Feeling: content

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  1. I love this! I'm totally stealing it for my blog tomorrow (but I'm linking back to you). :) By the way, I'm finding grey hair, too, and I'm not as optimistic about it as you are!

    1. Ha ha, it's not optimistic approach, rather a need to befriend the future me.
      I love your list, it's a great way to know each other xx

  2. Nothing more to add. It's just great!!! :)

    1. Any answer has its depth or just a funny side. I couldn't possibly choose. Love them all xx