by - Sunday, July 21, 2013

Before you scroll down you have to be warned: you're about to peruse half-naked bodies, wild animals and enter remote corners of the earth. But it will be entertaining, so yeah, keep scrolling.

It was going to be awesome because anything happening on a weekend has this extra wow factor: there's no need to get up early, get dressed even. Have breakfast? Maybe. There's a big chance that whatever you skip or overlook the day is going to end up great anyway. Or is it just what a lifetime weekend working gal thinks? Okay, you got me, my weekend life sucks. All the better, I'll ramble about my first weekend off this year not that all briefly so you have to bear with me, the kids, donkeys, ponies who ate our bread supply and whoever not mentioned but showing up later (like those two ticks found on my shoulder before I showered, tough beasts made it home safely). So we hopped in the car on Saturday morning, picked up my brother-in-law with his boys, drove 40 minutes in a stinking heat and parked in a gravely lot in the middle of sun burnt moorland hugged tightly by acres of woods. And the woods I've always been in love with (even in days when I didn't have a fancy camera to capture it with I loved it truthfully). My childhood consisted of sticks in shapes more undefined than LEGO bricks and fallen branches served as well designed playground features. I can easily get us into an everlastingly long discussion of how the forest has eaten my soul so I'll leave you with the photo galore. Let's get some love here for the woods!

^^ Outfit changes under the green roof? We liked the coolness of the trees so much that we spent all weekend here, so yeah I was high on fabric. ^^

^^ With my brother-in-law, my partner in crime and his cute son enjoying the wild. ^^

While we were unpacking car boots the kids wandered off to watch ponies minding their dried up waste (one can get used to this, I promise) and said hello to three donkeys. They run loose but are monitored and gathered annually to be checked for health, wormed and tail-marked. They're very friendly but unbelievably shy, not used to to the gentle patting on their backs.

^^ Donkeys following my sandwiches. It started the way it always starts - they get a crust and realize I am high on supplies, I give it all and make my run of shame. ^^

So now we need a break from the wild, like a year plus break because we were so exhausted after we returned to civilization. Or we can go back anytime again. The horses will know no difference. 

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  1. awesome photos!
    looks like a great saturday :)

  2. I love your photos! They make me want to go tramping through the woods. Your little girl is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Lindsay, this has been our favourite spot recently. x

  3. Definitely one of my best escapades (minus looking for ticks after we've returned home). Let's make it a summer tradition!

    1. Tick picking, horse feeding or just having fun? ;)