by - Friday, July 19, 2013


It's kind of funny to think our daily activities are planned one or two days in advance at the most. Is it because of completely inappropriate temperature we've been having (I don't know what to tell you but 90 degrees will always feel a little inappropriate for my liking) or the idea of being awesomely surprised? I could bet on both and continue to live in the now. Because just a simple strolling down the street can turn our lives upside down as of today. 

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of visiting circus full of growling animals and clowns pampered more than I'll ever be on any big night out. I wasn't allowed to go to one that showed up in my town when I was 10 because my mum couldn't afford it so whenever I see posters with ladies flying in the arms of athletic giants or tall black hats filled with white fluffiness, I'm done. I know once I pay it a visit I'd never go again and that I would be okay for a while and then all would return to normal. It will, I promise (after the techni-coloured world of illusion will reveal its magic to our awe-seeking minds today. Today! You bet I'm ridiculously excited (even for the side seat)!)  

We took a bus to Nadia's nursery today for a settling session before she starts attending it from September and... I was a big hit among the talkative, colourful bunch. Nadia just rolled her eyes and went to play cars (do four year olds understand the idea of rolling their eyes?) while I ate two wooden ice creams, one hairy felt cake and topped it off with two plastic fries (thankfully without a side dish). I had to draw the line at a fried egg because I sensed the teacher's glances at what I've already eaten and frankly that's not what I came here for. Just when our time was up Nadia started enjoying the outdoors and two fishes in a little tank so I can only say that it meant something good. And when she asked to "see the children again" I might just giggled or not but I was happy. And then we walked home stopping to buy a baking set for our first muffins and had our hair ends cut with me being a neurotic mess over every inch. 

Want to hear more craziness? We're checking piano to be collected for free on Saturday. Like what? To put where? To do what with it? But PIANO! How many people have a piano they're just looking at? Exactly.

(Speaking of inappropriate weather, I was joking. Who do you think I am? Eskimo?)

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  1. Amazing pics! So lovely:)

  2. sweet post!

  3. I could cope with another chest of drawers but piano? Hidden artist coming out? ;)

    1. Wouldn't it be nice to have something that looks good but it's not necessarily useful (for a while)? I guess so. x