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little things that attract
drawing with children

I like to do a little bit of everything - amazingly at the same time so never an ordinary activity remains as such for long periods. It obviously creates some unintentional whirlwinds that probably will continue to occur so I apologize for not posting and keeping quiet but I promise we didn't laze about (only when needed). On this day it looks like it was hot and summery but it wasn't. It was windy, a little chilly and fire training at work called for total comfort (flat shoes, tee and a pair of jeans). 

Damian took the afternoon off so we had no obligations to anything than venture our shopping mall. We didn't just browse but bought a couple of items (my first pair of ripped below and above the knee jeans which I could put my hands on a little but I guess that's enough of bare skin in this moody weather and also the first pair that fits perfectly. I love H&M jeans, there are a couple of pairs somewhere out there in the mail to me and can't wait to actually CUT THEM! I find only a few pairs {and not those I'm desperate to wear!} that are right for my petite size, all the summer/white/patterned rest is passionately adjusted to my short needs), indulged in delicious comfort foods like pitta bread with sun-dried tomato and basil marinade, grilled chicken and chunky chips, something we almost never change (oops!). We also shared a raspberry cheesecake. It was already a high calorie day, so I just went all out! 

pitta bread with tomato
eating chips
In other news I haven't been able to enjoy some of the week because of a nasty ear infection that hurts like no other. I'm the last person to turn to antibiotics or painkillers so I guess I made it worse just by procrastinating taking them, trying to see how long I can survive. The pain was unbearable for the first two days waking me up at five in the morning and I can only wish the antibiotic to clear this up soon.  

Also do you remember when I spoke of being on a friendship edge? Almost slipping away. Well, the helping hand has reemerged, building blocks of communication and trust are slowly piling up (we're past the foundations so it can only get better) through little chats here and there. For many good reasons my cousin and I have found ourselves open for knowledge and understanding and will let things happen naturally on a short trip to Cracow (Kraków in Polish) later in July (it is my beloved Polish town I secretly dream of buying a whole tenement house there, merge two floors to live on and rent the rest. I'm pretty certain about it). Tickets booked, sweet hotel right in the middle of a Jewish quarter designed in a vintage, very sentimental and romantic style chosen, theater and event guides bookmarked. I can't wait to slip into whatever is next in this friendship for us but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a bad dream about us going separate ways once everything is said and misunderstood. I'm not going there to tell her I will change, I'm hopeful for a new path we will both happily step on as grown up women with different points of view and experiences.    

Have a great weekend! x

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  1. i love days when nothing is planned :)
    hope your ear gets better!
    lovely post and photos

  2. Dear Ali,

    So sorry you have an ear infection and hope it heals and you feel better.
    How neat you went out shopping and had a meal out. Also hope you can work things out with your cousin and hope your dream of owning your own place in Poland will come true.

    Have a fun weekend

    1. Thank you, Carolyn :)

      I cannot wait to visit my beloved city with the person I share the best memories. If it works out - Cracow will be reminding me all things wonderful. xx

  3. Beautiful pics.
    The food is great looking! :P

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  5. lovely photos ♡

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  6. Ones never to skip our route to the best restaurant in town. In best company ever. But shall we make some baby steps towards ordering new meals? Just sayin'... x

    1. I couldn't agree more... but we love chicken and chips so why avoid them? Just sayin'... x

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