by - Thursday, June 20, 2013

crazy pink

posing skills
  • Opening the wardrobe and finding dozens of items from the latest looks to everything that feels stylish and updated in the world of buttons and bows. Yes, yes... you know I'm not talking about my wardrobe.  
  • It's impossible to describe the bond shared between my nails and nail varnish remover. We're inseparable before I finally get some results with colour and shape. 
  • My UV rich face cream is nearly finished. I'm just glad the weather is suitable.   
  • Got into a reading habit. The process was quick and painless so far. I tend to live in two to three (unrelated) stories at the same time.  
  • I love my easily satisfied self. So far using glycerin-peat soap was the best form of relaxation. 
  • I used to love the idea of living in a loft apartment showing off my artistic soul in variations of paint marks and stains on furniture or wooden floor. My dreams become reality - spectacular signs of an artist living with us are trackable throughout the flat.
  • Things from childhood I no longer experience: I don't own wellies anymore and don't
    write letters on pretty stationery. My inner child is depressed.
  • Packing the fruit and little snacks for every day outings with Nadia and bringing most of them back home like I had not much to carry around these days.
  • Ordered stuff online knowing it'll be delivered while I'm at work. How cruel!
  • Have watched Toy Story so many times this week I have stopped putting toys away at the end of the day. I started believing they would go back in their places themselves.
  • Placing my mobile phone far away from bed so I have to get up... to press the snooze button.
  • Our flat is always the tidiest in the evening when we're ready for bed. I should have visitors at night only.
  • Finding ridiculous hours for showing affection or dropping things half finished just cause Nadia is sleeping. She keeps our marriage alive.  

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  1. what a cutie! she is really working that pose!

    1. Always goofing around and being awesome!!! x

  2. i too wish the toys go back to their places themselves,it would be wonderful,if it happens.i agree abt the visitors timing tooo....ha ha ha

  3. Haha, I didn't know Nadia keeps our marriage alive. It will force me to get more creative ;)

  4. Oh! These are super cute pictures,