by - Monday, March 11, 2013

Let me ask you a question... what is your favourite activity after coming home from work? Stretching tendons in a lazy pose on the sofa? Drinking coffee and catching up on soaps? Tidying up your handbag from haunting calorific bombs? I was so sure to fall in the same category yet jumped in a pair of trousers I've been wearing irrationally often, spent unbelievable half an hour on make up and voila! photo overload to be continued. I wanted to post a little bit about my make up habits and revolutions so badly I couldn't wait any longer and asked my patient husband to keep snapping. However after downloading the photo galore onto my laptop I couldn't decide if step by step tutorial was something I meant to be known for. I definitely wanted to share with you a couple of my personal beauty secrets but in rather 'finished' form. 

Gladly I roasted two overstuffed turkeys on one stove meaning I also got to shoot a new outfit featuring some of the latest monochromatic grabs and can't wait to show you tomorrow. As you can see black and white (with enormous addition of life-saving grey) is holding strong on this side of the mirror.  

My colouring daily routine was always easy and quick resulting in dark, smokey eyes and a touch of rouge on the apples of my cheeks. Every day, for every outing, the same order and cosmetics (face cream, sunscreen, rouge, mascara, eye pencil, eye shadow). It worked wonders but not until last week. I felt like I've given quite essential make up pieces too many days off, especially the foundation which was non-existent in my beauty bag. Neither was powder as my completion has been rather dry than oily and I thought it didn't need it. So the plan for the afternoon exploded in combining my all-time favourites with newest finds under the Maybelline brand. Never appreciated foundation surprised me as a silky smooth and very light mousse that blends effortlessly and covers imperfections leaving skin looking natural. Long lasting impression was achieved by applying pressed powder and concealer in a slim tube. When I read reviews on the FIT Me series I was slightly disappointed as the average ratings scored between 3.6 to 4 points. That's low for concealer perfectly handling around the eye area (mama knows best) and covering any facial blemishes just by dabbing it on and patting with my fingers. I don't own a ton of concealers but better to have one that works than buy more and let them go to waste. 
I like mix and mingle but so far Maybelline set as I call it has wowed me with every single piece. By looking at the photos I can't help but get excited how fresh and healthy my face looks like (and on many busy days it can just look the total opposite) also thanks to medium pink blush in a paler version than I normally use. As for the eyes - mascara is a big thing in my beauty bag, to complete the look I used Benefit's They're Real and topped it off with Givenchy's brush. I'm not a lipstick fan but as the weather warms up lip gloss was incorporated into the look. I think there's glam girl in all of us - let her out more often, shall we?      

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  2. You don't need much makeup because you're so naturally gorgeous but I love your minimalist look! <3

    <3 Mandy xx

    1. Thank you but believe me I need it in a busy life of... busy mama :)

  3. thanks for the blog love, lady! :)

  4. great make-up look! you look absolutely stunning :)

  5. Love your ring!!--Chess and Crop Top on my blog

  6. Perfect make up, you look so fresh and beautiful! :)

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  7. Beautiful!

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  8. Beautiful photos! You look great, and I love that ring!

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  10. verry good

  11. I reall love that ring! I dont think that it would really fit to my style but it looks really really good on you :)
    Greetings from Canada,

  12. Thank you for all your sweet comments! x

  13. sure dear I would love to follow each other! I am now following you! hope you'll follow back:)) one big kiss! I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!