by - Sunday, February 03, 2013

Daily whirlwinds have been eating away every spare minute I possess, no wonder I incidentally realized we've already reached beginning of February. Because of uncontrolled ritual of being late with my New Year's resolutions throughout (most of) my adult life, unlike previous years I have decided not to make plans just for the sake of having something to be attached to for a year. I could easily get a fair amount of creative flow of resolutions at the end of festive season but among things that pass by at the speed of light I may pick just three and repaint into my signposts for 11 months ahead - those I'm looking forward to the most! (according to current state of mind and mood ;) So...

1. Reaching a whole new level of prioritizing I'm looking forward to enjoy the simplest of things: the present! In all forms and weathers: cozying up with a good book, running with energetic toddler until next game request, stroking her warm forehead for extra long before bedtime and not trading it for anything! (and undeniably having more sushi).

2. When did I realize that seasons stay only for a short while? Not making the most of them is a true crime, so I'm looking forward to welcome each day of a new time of a year enjoying it as it explodes with colours and sounds! (and try not to get home bound due to weather conditions).

3. Time is precious, shall I cancel my magazine subscription? I am definitely looking forward to get active: train, swim, push up - you get the sweaty picture. 

Let's make our New Year's resolutions 'Things we're looking forward to' even if it means going to the gym twice a week.   

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  1. Nice I was doing the same too I got rid off my subscription from 3 different magazines, quit watching some t.v shows and I've been so productive lately. I'm really happy for you :)
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    1. Thank you, I'm sure we can stick to new routines for longer than we think! All the best! x

  2. I can join you on a quest of getting active and dust off our old good bikes :)

    1. But then you'll have to follow me to the swimming pool and help me lift some weights ;)