by - Saturday, February 09, 2013

People collect postcards, stamps, receipts from their favourite restaurants. I collect tangle of emotions through my photographs and capturing, studying them afterwards makes me the happiest girl on earth especially when the images bring the best memories out. 

Photograph I have chosen for the Printerpix competition celebrating photography together with Tots100 parenting website and giving away a fantastic prize to one lucky blogger is equally funny and heart warming - my three year old daughter playing freesbie and running after the disc with her grandma having the great daisy-sprinkled tract of field all for themselves. I would love to get overwhelmed with such view on daily or weekly basis but it is only so precious in its effortless family fun because of its rarity. Our whole family lives in Poland so when discovering unfamiliar lands while visiting us, they happily create a laid-back, weekend-like atmosphere of laughter and fun much to a great amusement of everyone, especially tiny pair of never pausing feet of my little girl. I love how she is excitedly looking up at her granny enjoying rare playful moments. And my mum-in-law looks ready for everything little doll will come up with on this warm summer day.

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