by - Friday, February 15, 2013

On one of those cold days of late January when you're wrapped up in layers of clothes, queuing with messed up hair and red nose (glad it wasn't running) to find yourself being glanced at by two laughing boys. Like, really identical. I looked around as if saying: 'you laughing at someone else or me?' It was annoying like they were talking about me and burst out laughing once in a while. Especially one of them was a bit too stridently catching my eye. 'Next time our eyes meet I'll show him who he's dealing with', I thought angrily to myself and all I remember was talking to him as he came up to me and introduced himself using clever line like 'Don’t I know you from somewhere?' He definitely didn't but our first chit chat felt so easy going and I really liked the way he made me feel: so cheerful, flirtatious and confident. We exchanged our mobile phone numbers and went our separate ways (he was accompanied by his twin brother). He wouldn't have ever made that call unless... I had done that first because I noticed I gave him the wrong number. I just got my first mobile phone few days ago and simply didn't memorize the number correctly. I knew there was something special about him, so much fun to talk to... I have never regretted making that call.

Just like in Shakespeare plays the early stage of our relationship abounded in whirlwind of mixed emotions expressed so intensely we could hardly keep up with. Young fresh love collided with unfortunate outer circumstances like family affairs, unemployment, dreams that had to be put on hold... And then I went to Germany for six months. By myself. It was the hardest experience to date but I knew I wanted to be with this man and if he would have waited for me - he'd have made me the happiest girl on the planet. I refused to think otherwise and concentrated on der, die, das part of my journey. Guess what? He was there for me and still is. While going through our dating photos, I keep coming back to the one above, taken around summer days of 2007. It means a lot to me because it was taken in the country we've both kept conquering. 

Being loved and cared for as I haven't before is the best thing about being Damian's wife. We're the perfect clash of two opposite worlds gravitating towards each other. Nothing beats our different points of view, tastes, even sleeping and waking times. He makes me laugh hourly and mad daily (sometimes the order changes) but most of all he makes me HAPPY. I love you, Dee - today and always

And happy Valentine to us and everyone looking after someone's heart!

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  1. Years, mouths, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds being in love with you... the best thing ever happened to me! I love you :)xxx

  2. Haha thinking back on those moments of when you just met your first one are so great. I'm SO glad you've found someone that makes you happier than anything else on the planet!

  3. This is so sweet. Such beautiful pictures :)

    1. :) Special occasions or not - day when we met comes back to me the quickest. Like most of our firsts. x

  4. Remmenber me?? Well i follow you!follow me?
    Kisses from Spain and sorry for my english!!!