by - Thursday, February 07, 2013

It seems like I had a delicious, proper amount of cake on my plate about ages ago. But it was only a matter of time before I was handed more than I could appreciate without a warning coming from the belt of my trousers. Nobody was immune to rich, chocolatey dessert which disappeared within seconds and was imprinted in multiple versions all over the furniture (sorry, folks!). The rhythm of today was celebratory in every way and my camera couldn't feel more alert having no chance to close its shutter even for a second. The illusion of time increases when it comes to our offsprings' birthdays - we've seen them being born, taking first steps, now we celebrate their candle blowing efforts and tell our story through family photographs. As your eyes flow from one smiling face to another it's easy to spot what the day (well until in the evening) was made of - hiding spots are shrinking by the day, strengthening muscles in pulling birthday presents away from the one who is actually their rightful owner and taking part in candle blowing contest turned into highlights of the party with the occasional bit of quiet resting in our arms. Happy birthday to my (already) four year old nephew who has been Nadia's best friend since they started sharing hazy memories of sitting on the potty for the first time or deep belly laugh they never short of.   

And let me show you my brother-in-law's cozy sized 'painting room' - you're probably beginning to doubt I’ll ever be drawn to something with greater admiration than to the rows of tins of paint and bare plastic parts ending up as tanks and military car models of strict colour. Armed with unknown to human race patience and an eye to detail he's our number one when it comes to interior design - we were gifted with more camouflaged pieces to liven up our tiny space than I can think of. And I love every one of them (dusting aside).   

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  1. I see 'the painting' room as a place where time stands still taking me back to teenage years of model kits being my true time consumer.

    1. You're right. I love the final results but time and patience needed for every model is beyond myself ;)