by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How exciting is it to celebrate birthday in a place you were born, found love, kissed for the very first time? I admit, it doesn't sound that fancy for those who live in their birth towns but for me stealing a few hours alone together with my husband and walking into our town made this cold December day a treat like no other especially that we didn't really shop or eat out but concentrated on visual aspects (through camera lens mostly) feeling smitten and accessing warmed up interiors. You can find a foreword to my home town in this post here, each time it excites and surprises me alike - dramatic in its architectonic wounds, beautiful through history it holds, economically challenged, daring in its new projects. Not perfect but one of its kind and visiting it is always a bonus

The rest of the day was spent among family and table made of cheesecake.

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  1. I sometimes picture how our daily life would look like if we've never moved in to England. I think days would grow differently, our story would be written with different ink.

    1. I'm sure no matter the ink, writing hand would be mostly the same and we would have found the way of making it work.