by - Friday, January 04, 2013

Before I shuffle recently snapped photographs and place them on a blogging table, you just have to let me lie down. And I'm not talking about pleasantly propped up head on a pillow and legs elevated above the heart level after a long flight, I'm on about being tucked into bed covered in layers of rarely touched blankets holding lemon tea, handful of vitamin C jawbreakers and hope to get better in three hours. This is the state I get in when not used to my home country climate anymore - five degrees below zero is kind of a torture for my ears and fingers, let alone shoes or sale-bagged goods. So I'm back home hoping to fight the fever, get unpacked and of course share our snow-sprinkled traipsing. And happy belated New Year to all my readers and passers-by! Here's to a wonderful twelve monts! 

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  1. Wonderful twelve months of which first week was seen from under the duvet.

    1. It's a history now so the upcoming weeks can only be wonderful!