by - Friday, January 18, 2013

Trying not to go out if it’s way too cold outside this Wednesday we made an exception for an amazing adventure to the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo in collaboration with moneysupermarket discount vouchers through our favourite parents’ networking website Tots100.

We found the place without a slightest hurry, parked our car just opposite the entrance with a river Thames view and pulling our hats and gloves tightly on our ears and fingers – walked in with a serious spring in our step to be greeted by a children-friendly feature: a slide! And a lot more hopping in front of us with each yard as we walked by. Frozen thumbs up for such great idea: constantly on the move mode toddlers get occupied with jumping, sliding, climbing while parents watch their monkey moves before leading them to quieter areas: animal encounters, enormous sandpit with equipment for sand creations of every shape and consistency. As we were almost the only visitors at the park, it felt like having it all exclusively shaping up for us with every further step! Imagine it filled with kids and you have a whirlwind of fun for every single one of them! At the sandpit Nadia swapped running for a tiny motorbike riding and explored the rest of the land on wheels (wheels always seem to come in handy when on an adventure) stopping occasionally to point at animals in their natural habitat and unnatural poses (running meerkat). 

There are some cool elements to the place: real lobster red fire engine and fire putting out machine even a little girl will approve. On our way out Nadia has found her ‘utopia’ among a family of wooden bears – she was running around their silent statues inviting me for a tea in Mr and Mrs Bear house. Just think of all the funny possibilities for more than one child it could be! When asking Nadia about summarizing our mid-January trip and asking how much she would rate the place for our review on the scale of 5, here was her reply (much more the meaning of it): “I’ll give it 5 because that’s what I can count to” then curled up on my shoulder and napped for the rest of journey home since that’s what a tired with excitement three year old girl would do.  

We had an explosion of fun at the park (just examine the constantly smiling tiny face) and will be coming here while in the area. Thank you for the opportunity. 

UPDATE: We didn't win 'Britain's Best Days Out' competition but my review in a form of a comic strip was shortlisted among 4 other blogs for 'a creative approach to writing the review'. Couldn't be happier!!

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  1. Trying our luck with another winter escapade was great in many ways, mostly Nadia having the park just for her. Where are we heading next? ;)

    1. I think Nadia would love to play indoors in some active center - jump, slide, climb... and having us running after ;)