by - Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey, this is my first post since... feels like since last spring and erm... how do I greet people? With a hug, kiss or handshake? Let's just settle with a warm welcome and a few covering words together with some picture overload. I have been busy but was never going away too far from my unorganized desk of which results will be posted slowly on these pages. Four days until Christmas - exciting time for big and small and even those who have antlers and wag their flips as seen above. Anything more thrilling than seeing a real Santa? Winter in Poland - with snow, ice, frozen fingers and red cheeks begging to be cuddled in fur. The winter wonderland adventure will begin next week and all I've been focusing on is hundreds of post-it notes stuck to every surface imaginable with things I will undoubtedly not come back without, activities scheduled for sunny and stormy days (coffee-tasting in between them), places (mostly sheltered) that had waited for our footprints way too long. I just can't wait

As for the recent joy for my little Christmas helper (I love when she greets everybody with her loud "Merry Christmas!" and memorises lyrics to "Santa baby" song with my dubbing side effects) we went to see Santa together with Nadia's two little cousins. This, coupled with real and fake reindeer, ducks hanging from the ceiling, snowy wonderland and a great deal of carnival accessories made us never wanting warmer season again. But just for a short while after which we explored the mall a bit and seen a really cool ski resort mockup with a toy train going underneath the frozen mountain. I'll definitely make this place our before season shopping spot. Did Nadia like meeting the old, kind man handing her big present? Guided by her looks as not wanting to sit next to Santa I stayed close and gently rubbed her shoulder so she knew I was standing behind. She then nodded a couple of times accepting well wishes and ran away to the boys already holding their neatly wrapped presents. Be patient Santa, next year she'll chat you up. 

The day has been great in so many ways and I'm so happy to be seeing my family soon

Also I've been posting backwards - keep checking the archives which grow daily as I really like sharing some of our photos from the past together with explanations as to the particular time in our lives. Happy, mild in temperature weekend!   

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  1. I returned home very refreshed but definitely prefer Poland in the summer ;)

    1. Two more winter gataways and we won't see the difference ;)