by - Sunday, December 23, 2012

Should you avoid pleasure when you're more on the sneezing side? Definitely and arguably not! As the colder days and party season is approaching I have spent some time 'adding to the basket' and impatiently awaiting the postman with too many parcels (I think I should start exchanging Christmas cards with one of them as he came by several times, ouch). With this little post I'd like to share my experience with finger shopping (online buying, my dears). Elbowing through the hordes on the high street neither testing my little muffin's patience in the changing rooms makes ordinary shopping a pleasurable activity. Add up my shivering cold and heading online seems to be the best option. I tried four well-known brands and with a few clicks welcomed more than dozen pieces to my closet

The challenge began with UK's largest online-only fashion store - Asos. I have ordered navy dress in print which came slightly bigger than expected so after returning it, I went for the smaller size with my next order of a few jumpers and sweaters. Unlike the dress which accidentally came back in a shape of a T-shirt from the same collection, they were all perfect fit and landed at my doorstep the next day as stated. I kept the T-shirt which I liked more than the dress and was issued a refund of the price difference within the next day of informing the store. All in all I was very satisfied with the prompt reply, quick delivery and most of all the ease of browsing the website, however you have to bear in mind that models presenting the clothes are much much taller than some of us and choosing dresses can give us a nasty surprise. Jumpers fitted heavenly, one dress had to be cut shorter but I made that choice consciously while adding it to my shopping basket. It's made from a stretch jersey fabric so the alteration was a piece of cake. I hope it will show up here soon. Next came ESPRIT with a pair of white slim jeans and grey sweater - both fitted perfectly and delivery was quick and hassle free. I also chose a woolen jumper from Boden which fits as I would wish it to. My last experience was Mango and a half woolen, half leather winter coat I fancied (big move, I know) - at first not really happy with the delivery as I had no confirmation from the courier by email or text message as to the day and time of them coming so I missed it but rearranged the delivery and got it the very next day.

All in all online shopping can give you goosebumps as when you see it you know what you're getting but the sizing guides on the websites are pretty accurate (prepare for measuring your bibs and bobs and keep record for later orders as on each online store measurement can vary), return and refund policies are clear and mostly free so the whole online Christmas shopping seems to be a good idea if you only have time and energy to go through the choices available (some details are easier to spot in-store like added accessory or a tricky zip so checking clothes from every angle is crucial). Once you've done it a couple of times, known the rules (mine is to always go for the smaller size if coming up as bigger in some areas) it becomes just as easy and satisfying as contact with real fabric.

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  1. I've seen you wearing most of the animal jumpers above, but my favourite has to be the eagle piece. Don't fly too far away... ;)