by - Monday, November 26, 2012

When noses turn red, body shivers just a little too much not to blame it on current season and rain adds this genius sense of drama to the candlelit evenings, we turn the heating on for a maximum of sweat and pile up on a reading material to last until the next pouring hour. While coordinating with Nadia's sneezing and coughing I have been living according to little dudes of all shapes and gender for the past two weeks and interspersing our conversations with their adventures. If we are to have more rain and even more tissues by our side we might start seeing big spaces on local library shelves. Then we'll just naturally turn to my magazines of which fashion is Nadia's best section where she studies carefully each photograph and its detail predicting best trends for spring. 

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  1. Get well, girls and eliminate everything what's not fun in this weather.

    1. I wish I woke up tomorrow without the symptoms of feeling as a walking zombie. Or at least the day after tomorrow...