by - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As I am just starting up a journey of sharing life's numerous intrigues with watchful eye of fellow bloggers I think shedding a small amount of information evenly throughout the blog is much needed. I couldn't figure out what I really wanted to write about, I guess serious elaborating is a must for later but after making following more than five blogs one fiftieth of my daily routine I have a clear picture of what will actually see the daylight. Moving from a bit chaotic previous blog to a cosy, minimalistic in design nook over here was the best thing that could happen just before Christmas keeping me busier than ever but embarrassingly excited. I hope this combination of words will satisfy your curiosity for a start and we will meet more often. 

So... I am Eli (short for Elisabeth) an owl - I love to stay up late at night when I can fully perform - specially read or write. I live in the south of England, a frog jump from the coast spending days and months on the top floor of a new built two bedroom flat, sharing space with my beloved husband and rosy cheeks of my three year old daughter. I come from Poland but having lived in the UK for more than 8 years, I can share its citizens' sense of humour, love for other countries' cuisine and lukewarm feelings towards weather. Windy, recently. And as much as I love independence and peace, I miss my family who lives abroad and that includes my parents (however divorced), younger brother, aunts and uncles, some friends from school. Everybody, to be precise. I am a working mum and staying-at-home mum sharing life between busy weekends and lovely weekdays when my doll shows me all her love with every move, skip and sound. That's the reality. There is always subconsciousness, dreams, hidden meanings, the ability to discover every opportunity to stay happy in my own skin, my own environment and any environment possible. 

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