by - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's been over two weeks since we had clear skies and people in higher parts of the country remained safe and dry. Every hour there has been either a rainpour or a wind craze, yet we yearned for some fresh air dug up from in between the droplets. Pointing at the teary window Nadia wasn't exactly a happy... erm mouse to go out and get soaked but after a second of persuasion (carousel ride in the town centre), she gave the outing a thumb up. We made it just in between the tear in the sky and managed to stay fairly dry on the horse's back. But that's a history as currently me and my little miss mouse have been flipping through endless books, watching tons of cartoons, eating chocolate spread to our comfort and making our flat a playground from the hall to the furthest bedroom. I will also be experimenting by turning off my computer for the most part of our quarantine week and by the end of it hope we'll come out in all our healthy selves.

Dry up soon, England!

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  1. Prioritizing the tasks - eat breakfast, get soaked later ;)

    1. I never skip the chance of a cold shower in the middle of the day ;)