by - Friday, October 26, 2012

Time to take a look at the recent party Nadia was the reason for. It was built around light food (full shelf of jellies like I was stocking up the whole supermarket and fruit kebabs), quiet games (puzzle arranging to start with and galloping around the flat to finish off) and bonding with distant family. It is never easy for me to choose the right food everyone will enjoy but the soft cheese and salmon bagels are a definite must. Help yourselves and tell me if you agree with my picks.

Nadia is excited whenever there are people around, much more if they are children so one minute she was wrestling with the wrapping paper to go running the next leaving it half-torn. Gifts were more on a practical side this year popping up in a form of clothes (green polka dot dress the happy girl is wearing) and developmental accessories (puzzles and books). If you can spot Nadia's new vehicle she innocently pointed at in store, you can imagine what a race course this flat has become. And a new favourite parking spot is temporarily in the kitchen, just right in front of the washing machine. I wish it was left in some more peaceful surroundings but this way I have my muffin close by even more often. The evening came unnoticed while we were chatting, laughing and watching Nadia's dress swish on a carpeted dance floor. The most enjoyable three years of my life have been summed up in a combination of tiny lips covered in chocolate, stains on my leggins from yummy sticky fingers and crumbs all over the apartment. It's unbelievable how time never rests in the eyes of a mother who gravitates towards getting to know her little girl more everyday. And I will keep on gravitating because I can't do anything else to get to love her more and know her better.

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  1. All the best to my sweet girl, I'm so lucky to be your dad!

    1. And I'm so happy to be the party planner (among other roles ;)