by - Sunday, September 09, 2012

Four big posts must be enough reason to pronounce our recent holiday the best thing since getting new sofa (kidding!). I am forever thankful to every soul who has made us feel at home/garden and served better food than we would ever imagine to prepare ourselves. When it was finally time to take off back to England, only digital reminder of wonderful time tried to keep our eyeballs dry (it didn't, but thanks for trying). Last day was busy as ever with the last call shopping (for lifesaving face masks and rich in E vitamin ampoules), my mum's residential issues solving and church fair attending (and dying over keeping Nadia's helium balloon at the ground level as she didn't want to tie it to her wrist). When I look at the photos today, smile is not vanishing from my face. My little model always looked her very (sometimes untidy) best, we had fun, laughed, walked a lot, had afternoon naps. And a note to the man who owns the other side of my bed - without you this two week getaway would have been impossible for my skin. It breathes on you.

At our English home we were greeted by mildly stale air and unnatural silence hitting the walls. It felt good but not great. I guess we need a few more days to adjust to be on our threesome own again. Piles of washing to be done and stuff to be taken out from the suitcases was kind of urgent welcome of every-day-reality.

P. S. While waiting for baggage to arrive at the baggage reclaim carousel
at Luton Airport I noticed our black whale suitcase straight away but it took a while for Damian to go and get it. Later he tried to explain saying it was upside down so he couldn't recognize it. 'Wouldn't you recognize me if I was upside down?' was my reply and we burst out laughing.

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  1. I'd recognize you even if you were running at the speed of light, hundred years from now, always.