by - Monday, September 03, 2012

While we were gone days were spent in two different worlds: green and concrete. I have talked about the first one already, now I'm bringing you the shape of my home streets and its brickwork. And there was loads of them - filling up the walls, pavements, creating the impression of time standing still back in the old days when metal and glass was rare as tattoos. Any old town with its well preserved buildings would add greatness and charm to the overall atmosphere, I only hope some very important figures will eventually learn the importance of refurbishing works before it's too late. Town life abounded in family visits and made it slightly challenging with overexposed toddler. My cousin and her husband surprised us with a forthcoming trip to Mexico and we enjoyed a relaxed conversation on their preparations and recent buys. We will definitely wait for their feedback on eating crickets and mule riding.

After walking escapades and stuffing our bellies with heavenly delicious food we dedicated afternoon hours to long discussions and walks through memory lanes. Seeing my godmother in a good health and spirit, delighted with Nadia's presence made us stay at her place past Nadia's bedtime. But it was well worth it. We talked in the quiet of her balcony while she thoughtfully gave me a piece of advice on rising either a clean or happy child. I hope Nadia will be happily untidy and cheerfully healing scrapped knees and elbows throughout her childhood. And of course all of us thought we ate the best food while visiting - cakes, nuts, berries barely kept the table on its four legs. 

Once we've become more familiar with our beds at parents' house (thankfully we were given access to a double and a single bed and found ourselves making trips at night depending on who Nadia wanted to sleep with), we got used to to sliding down the opposite bumps on one and a division at chest height on the other. If we have been less tired, we'd have definitely noticed the discomfort they brought us. I was also pleased to see Nadia being her playful self: cheering up the streetcars going up or down the streets, climbing on the curbs. When visiting my old room cluttered without harmony, she kept asking me to take an old guitar off the wall so she could reduce all surprises to a tune or two. I needed a holiday like this.

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