by - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'I want this at home'
Reading everything that's important

It's amazing how beautiful things grow just behind our backs. I almost pass these incredible 10 acres of gardens traveling to work yet has never wandered around them, investigated each part of muscular features of statues such as Bacchus or the Wrestlers of Herculaneum and breathed in the mature pine wood. Until yesterday. The morning started off with a light packing for a trip to Compton Acres, a home of themed gardens of which - as for a shade only tolerant person - my favourite one was called Wooded Valley with winding pathways and dramatic waterfalls. My eyes also enjoyed an idyllic Japanese spot where together with Nadia we fed fish, jumped on the stones dipped in deep water and ran up and down the rhododendron-clad hills. I'm still overwhelmed by how full of energy Nadia was and how an amazing time she had feeding salmon-looking-like fish almost jumping out of water to get a bread crumb.

To end the day me and my friend got to buy the same book where and when to go for our future escapades and planned some autumn activities before the colder season hugs British Islands again.

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