by - Monday, September 24, 2012

On an early morning, early into the autumn on a random side road my mum is posing on her first day at school holding a cardboard cone filled with sweets, chocolate and little treats. She's six and pretty, her life has just gotten a new direction, her heart is full of hope.

She taught me to write and read, made sure my handwriting was neat and tidy as hers and always even at teenager's darkest hour kept telling me how pretty I was and how she looked forward to seeing me having my own family. There are features in me I don't appreciate having inherited but sharing them with her make us special, unique. It always makes me appreciate her so much more when we're miles away. My autumn girls - my mum and Nadia, both Libras, both indecisive to some of their choices, nervous and incredibly lovable, always seeking attention and recognition. 

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