by - Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm coming back with some more photos from our recent holiday to keep my mind on the continent for a bit longer. Among some great visited destinations, this humble allotment garden had been one of this year's highlights for the big and small (especially the small): relaxing in the shade, eating fruit off the bushes, napping in the gazebo, walking the dog, picking beans for dinner allowing time slowly swallowing the last days of our vacation. Nadia was one awesome country girl helping her grandma water the flowers and chasing butterflies equipped with butterfly net much bigger than her little self. First scrapped knee appeared a short while before heading home. The weather was perfect on those garden days - sunny and hot to the point of almost pinching the skin and I don't feel guilty to admit I allowed the sun to lick me so hard I had to live in Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Skin Cream to soothe mildly irritated cuticle. And when Nadia kept throwing her hands around my neck... boy, only a loving mother can bear a smile and ask for more. 

A day before going on a journey home my brother David came to visit us at the garden so I couldn't wish for more relaxing and laid back atmosphere. Not seeing him on a daily or weekly basis is rarely bearable so we talked our faces off, shared plans and discussed some recent events. Seeing him so close and natural had me really thinking hard of never speaking English again. Taking our belongings across the channel and let Nadia be the center of attention she has been over these two short weeks. Whatever we decide on it will take more than a day, a month, a year even. I also had a chance to visit my dad at his ranch exploding fabulously through rows of trees copsed by his own hands we were able to see to his undenied delight. The change of scenery always makes me excited - exchanging pavements for grass, concrete for wood and industrial smoke for a crisp air will never stop me from rolling down my car window and yelling with happiness. I think resin runs through my veins. I was surprised to see my dad without a beard he has worn all his life - now younger and lithe, fit for being a granddad. He lives on his own taking care of a huge parcel making it the best holiday spot. He greeted me with stating how slim I looked but I took it as a warm parental concern as I was a ten year old girl again who I will always be for him. There are still unexplained and unchewed issues between us but I have decided to focus on time left we both have to let all the hurt go. We had a home tour and Damian could find out who I have my habit of leaving cabinets' open doors inherited from - my dad leaves them open throughout the house to air the sheets and clothes. He then laughed at Damian's words when showing me how to close the entrance gate while I was half-listening, half-speaking to somebody else that just like every woman I do not listen when needed and ask for instructions later. I loved the fact he had Nadia's framed photograph placed on the table for everyone to see.

Couldn't wish for anything else to bring me more joy this summer. 

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  1. Seems so hard to imagine there were days like this. Time flies ridiculously.

    1. I loved being amazingly tired at the end of each day. Seen and done so much :)