by - Thursday, August 02, 2012

Shopping for last minute travel essentials
You won't be seeing me for two weeks. I'm going on vacay!
I am trying to be patient. It isn't working. In a week's time we will struggle with heat, eat in apologizing amounts, count ants in the grass, catch up with three years worth of laughter and tears. But before the fascinating part, here comes the stressful one of parting with all the things that are not going to Poland with us. And man, I'm already sorry for most of them.  

Things to be packed:
- Animals not subject to veterinary checks: Kermit the Frog, Tatty Teddy, Eeyore
- Food allowed entry : Polo mints, one egg of Kinder Surprise, packet of cheesy Wotsits
- Polka dot briefs in two sizes respectively
- Short sleeve graphic top of each colour (small in size) and larger ones in narrower colour spectrum
- Three pairs of trousers (for before midday, at midday, after midday) per day
- Pretty shoes, sturdy shoes and any shoes for the reminder of stay when nobody cares for clothes any more
- Vibrating belly of a Winnie the Pooh toothbrush
- One cardigan, one hoodie, a hair band, two hundred and thirty hair elastics

Things to be seen/felt/memorized:
To eat small mushroom pizza and hot paprika casserole from a tiny pizzeria just two steps from my dad's flat, Italian ice cream that twists upwards and melts quicker than you lick, buy a train ticket to small neighbouring villages, visit Clock Museum, go to the cinema at the Cultural Centre when I sneaked in as a child and watched Robin Hood -Man in Tights- unsuspected, soak feet in a freezing cold river, go raspberries picking to the forest, eat potato soup with sausage, go to the market at the crack of dawn, make a phone call from a phone box at the post office, freshen up with lemonade drank by the countryside shop, walk barefoot on the tarmac, send postcards, go to the cemetery I used to live next to (how creepy), buy kids magazines I used to read as a child, go to the school playground...

Things to be brought back:
- Kids books in soft covers, audio books
- Camera stuffed with photos and short embarrassing videos
- Extra four pounds in side pocket area from excessive eating
- Plant cuttings to be watered more regularly than in the first week
- Home made berry wine for long winter evenings
- Well behaving child

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  1. Waiting game will soon become a returning game. And oversleeping game.