by - Saturday, August 04, 2012

This is just a quick and quiet post (scheduled to go live at the weekend when I'll be working) as the rest of the household is snuggled down for the next eight to nine hours. Unlike me. So I'll get on with a few thoughts until my 15 minutes are up.

We're only 4 days away from my daughter's first real adventure (Disneyland was fun but this is huge) and many walks through our memory lane so all in all we are just as curious as her. We went to Poland in 2009 - three years, multitude of tantrums, one blog ago. Once we're there I wanna see everything and go everywhere, mostly where I have been before. It's all about bringing it all back but nothing's calculated as plans go a short way. With excitement there comes an anxiety and hesitant drawbacks - will we enjoy it the way we used to do, will I be portrayed as a respectful mother in the eyes of my family or will our parenting methods be fiercely discussed? You always fear the worst and hope for the best. Oh, and it'll be my muffin's first flight and security checks. We might just practice a little bit about going through security using a doorway as a metal detector and take off our shoes to walk through to avoid surprises. It'll be almost autumn when we come back and people, traffic, distractions will wrap us around again. I wish September was already here - I know I might be complaining about rain without a breather but I am a fall and spring lover at heart. Nothing compares to slightly chilly wind and sun that doesn't roast your face.

I'm off to my snoring duo, folks. You take care.

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  1. It was exciting but a bit nerve wrecking to wait. We should not plan too far ahead, I think.

    1. I don't really mind planning, this is the first step of a fabulous time together.