by - Friday, August 03, 2012

This bloggy lacks updates as my father-in-law his hair. We've been pretty busy, lazy, sun-blind, rain-soaked, you name it and I'll check if we've been there. Our poor souls came to life on a day on the beach soaking up the UVA and UVB's rays. In my case they stopped just above the neckline and below the sleeve line, my friend allowed them to take her with both hands. I expressed my deep wish of happily replacing the sandy heat for a page turning while occupying cooling shade of a wild garden, she didn't mind resuming roasting alive. Some people are worth my crows feet so we stayed, ate chicken sandwich, sat by the fountain discussing upcoming birthday party.

P.S. When sun eventually makes its way onto the scene I'm happy for all the escapades we'll be making, fruit we'll invite to the table but after just a brief sit in the dazzling sun I get killer migraine, lose vision around the fifth minute and burn like mandolin in flames. I may exaggerate a bit but here I am, smooth, pale and all fine.

Last Friday we shopped bottoms of our purses off - started with little gifts for the family and went all the way ignoring anatomy of a man having two hands only to carry that stuff home. Banned from online shopping? Fine, I get to lay my hands on a cash machine. And believe me or not - I have performed that shopping spree twice within one week so I have enough shoes, roll-ons, nail polish until Doom's Day. And onto the party! Best food, best company to ever wish for. Happy birthday to one awesome girl turning 30 - count me in for every bash you're going to throw. I'll come invited or not. And yesterday you talked about our personal style and expressed your view we both dress in rather age adequate manner, but I have to make a confession: I'm still on a mission to wear shorts and wedges, button down a bit and enhance behind with a tighter number. Are you still going to go into town with me dressed like this?

Be sure and check back what we are up to milliseconds before flying to the mainland! And have a blast of a weekend! 

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  1. I thought I married the quiet type. My party girl :)

    1. Once in a while even the quiet type parties.