by - Friday, June 01, 2012

This summer I will diligently make an effort to stay focused on us among other things that come in a way. They come in twos and even threes, so we hope to spend the majority of time outside together and let work turn into play (how we're going to do this, I'm still figuring out). More date nights are coming our way so once we finally move out to a garden flat, we'll sit in a backyard sipping little port with Chinese lanterns hanging from the tree above our chairs. We're working on it...

I don't think summer is for indoor fun so gathering beach towels, air toys, sun lotion is the only way to get sun's attention. We'll sure find things to do, places to go and weather to handle. There are swans hatching until end of June, summer festivals make their appearance across Dorset, fish and chips have never tasted better than eaten among seagulls by the shore. Why have we forgotten about the sea all spring? Beyond embarrassing. Swings, slides, hideaways and Wet & Wacky Family Fun in the swimming pool are a complete must for never-pausing girl with blond locks. She sure will be given all the opportunity to enjoy her third year with her cousin's birthday in two weeks and most importantly - flying to Poland in the beginning of August! We're counting down the days, writing down things we want to do with her (walk in the river, eat tiny round mushroom pizza, go places by train, let her run wild and pet random cats and dogs, listen to people speak our language, pick up fruit from the garden, play with toys I used to play as a girl). Why Bournemouth and Bytom are so far apart? 

It's Polish Kids' Day today and parents usually buy small gifts for their kids, organize special activities. No matter the weather we'll find tons of entertainment for a little curious babe. I'm excited. Today is also a date night which will be moved for Monday when we're taking a little trip to Isle of Portland to celebrate the long weekend with thanks to the Queen for extra time to spend with my family. So life is good! Days are longer (saves us on electricity), grass is shinier and the skin a little less pale... um, you know... the usual summer treats. You can walk in the evenings, buy an ice cream or two, go for a bike ride along the coast, eat in the garden (when will I have one?), pick fresh strawberries, red and blackcurrants from the farms, show off the posing skills for the camera (and take a photo each year in the same place but we're still deciding which beauty spot to choose). Within this quarter we're for a treat of receiving our long awaited brown leather sofa to replace a cream vintage one being a journal of what's been eaten by us (Nadia in particular) for the last three years. Who would have guessed back then bright furniture don't go along with children. Any kind of furniture. I'm also introducing Family Fiesta on the first day of calendar summer as a celebration of this beautiful season.

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  1. Some of your ideas reminds me of childhood fun I had. Let's bring it on!

    1. Quick thinking, a day off and we can whisk away wherever we want (or have money for ;)