by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer in this country is not available. Keep searching. This headline should be the latest news for everybody on the continent to see and feel for us. And we should get a refund for the sun lotions, swimming suits and beach towels we bought in the first week of a nice weather that has fooled us. But on the positive note it's only June, so who knows how hot it might get in the months to come. Who knows if ever.

As for the bits and bobs from this week I'll go out of order and start with the best ones: Friday date night with my husband and little pumpkin in the Bowlplex. Skills aside, the overall fun mattered. We grabbed my friend along to toddler-sit but she eventually joined the bowling team and came second. On Thursday my second nephew turned ONE and we had a great time covered in confetti and bursting balloons. Food was delicious so I grabbed a piece of everything in sight. No more buggy trips (I wish!) this summer as my little Treasure involves her bike in every outing. She doesn't even want me to push her vehicle so she can tip toe forward (yes, she still did not quite figure out how to pedal). We walk side by side (one of us is sitting at the same time) enjoying the cloudy sky.

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  1. Awesome evening eating birthday cake and burning it off at Bowlplex.

    1. I came third, does it mean I didn't burn mine? :(