by - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You would never have guessed what I ate (and in what amounts) for the past week. Take a look at the variety of food I enjoyed (without gaining a pound or two so far) while getting sunburn walking on the beach. A lovely sushi and grilled salmon to tuna paste with black olives and not so delicious celery, broccoli and cucumber juice (it was barely drinkable but I managed... before heading to the bathroom) completed the menu. On top of that my mum sent us a little packet with sweets and lollies we hardly kept for later. Like later than this evening. If the weather stays as fabulous as it's been we'll soon try one too many seaside eateries (OK I will, not Nadia) and you'll be confused with the idea of my blogging. This is one of many many reasons I love living by the seaside because it gives me the opportunity to enjoy the visual pleasures as well as sensual.

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  1. Trying something new every now and again is great. Loving your palette.

    1. Catching up with our inner hungry explorers :)