by - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

1. Bust up with a little help from this gorgeous gel 2. Body lotion from dreams
3. Multi-purpose body oil 4. Shower cream my skin has fallen in love with
5. Bye bye cellulite, thanks to my high definition body cream
6. Almond shower oil I can't cope without

Not just day to day events and decisions create who I am but also I'm made of what comes into contact with my skin. Cuddles and kisses are the absolute proof of the art of overusing so why not help my skin on its way to happiness?! Look up and proceed to satisfy your body's needs! I have been using most of the fabulousness above over the past few months (multi-purpose body oil and shower cream have started off yesterday and I augur them a sweet life in my bathroom) and apart from sensual feeling, only the visual results count. As for the senses - hands up for the peach extract, candlenut oil and orange blossom scent in a moisturising body lotion that stays long after I've taken my clothes off. And I'm totally into the almond shower oil being incredibly soft on my skin (and not ruining my budget).

Now into that 'wow moment' - judging bottled miracles after the battle (with time and free radicals, and maybe a little beauty inconsistency). I put it down to the high definition body cream and drinking more mineral water that my cellulite is less and less visible (especially with no contact lenses on) and legs look skinnier and visibly smoother than ever. So here it is - my lifetime of makeover in bottles. They're winning! But not stopping here, there are sooo many beyond fabulous out there! Will I have enough time to try them all? Will you have enough patience to read it and get a peekie of me being a product of hundreds of patents and work of intelligent lab people? It's too bad if you miss it. Well, don't. Come back when I make it. And come back if I won't. 

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  1. Great guide to your bathroom friends. Shall I be jealous? ;)

    1. Only when the bottle needs replacing ;)