by - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little voyager with a map of the town and all the entertainment awaiting for her. This mix of Nadia's surprised and excited face accompanied us throughout the day at the most colourful park in the world. She wanted to see everything and experience more than her height allowed her to.  

And so we drove all the way to the heart of French capital and the home of Mickey Mouse and company - Disneyland. We can officially tick this park off from our growing list of places left to see in this lifetime. It was truly a fantastic day spent with people I love the most touring around handmade streets, taking snaps of a gigantic Minnie Mouse balloon brought with us home and sharing all the excitement accordingly. Thank you sunshine for blinding us until well after afternoon and giving our photos this glow we could normally only get on Photoshop. 

The next couple of hours were spent walking and a huge artificial tree climbing which has taken us back to the childhood memories of imitating jungle animals and playing at head level. The tree had the whole household spread all over it including ready-made bed and a dining area. We went everywhere, did it all, ate apple dipped in a devil red icing sugar. Not a yawn spotted, not a sore foot noted. We could not have picked a more perfect place to spend almost a first day of spring together. Next stop? Asterix Park nearer Paris... I bet still this year.

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  1. What a fun and spontaneous trip it was. I'm all for revisiting.

    1. It was a crazy day exploring every inch of the park. Way cooler than any other park.

  2. ohhh this looks cuteee!

    Oh! New post in my blog! :) blogthedreams, kisses!