by - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every day is like a card invitation that says: 'Today invites you for a fabulous adventure of which you are the guest of honour.' Just about everything that could have gone right today... did. I got up at 5.00 am, sat at the computer but instead of creating new lines, I just typed in those I have managed to write down recently. Next hour I saved for body brushing and a torture shower (last minute or so I'm torturing myself with shower of cool to cold water). Moisturizing and lifting lotions applied and I was ready to prepare breakfast of wholemeal bread with red salmon and salad cream paste, a mug of green tea and a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon. My daughter would sleep until lunch time if I didn't wake her but we were going to a toddler group called Jelly Tots this morning so with a gentle cuddle and my lips on her warm, soft neck I nudged her into the arms of a new day. She ate her banana and strawberry porridge with fruity mousse beautifully, had shower, jumped into a little plaid skirt and forgetting her buggy, we walked downtown. Day was sunny but windy and spring's generous hand was easy to locate under the feet and between the benches. If only thermometer measuring temperature was a bit more sympathetic today...

Nadia had a lovely time with other kids, she was jumping, sliding, running and topping it with loud laughter. I was so excited to go into the nearby supermarket afterwards and see containers overflowing with delicious green vegetables of which sugar snap peas and baby carrots landed in my shopping basket. And as you can see on the attached photo I made a delicious oriental salmon with brown rice and today's veg treasures. This time I used rice instead of young potatoes and with every attempt of that dish I am proud to say - it gets quicker to prepare and tastier. After fulfilling lunch, we had girls' time on the sofa watching cartoons and getting spoiled with icy strawberry cheesecake which led us to a double nap. As the day was coming to a close I headed to swimming pool for another splashy class. I am so excited with the backstroke results, I'm even better at it than at the crawl stroke. On the minus side - I have only three more classes to go... I suppose I can enroll to the next - Beginner's level of my adventure with chlorinated waves (I am a Non-Swimmer until end of March) to enjoy the underwater fun.

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