by - Monday, December 05, 2011

Long ribbons of roads ahead in the night, blinking colourful decorations light up the gloomy stretch while Per Gessle is shouting from a car speaker: 'Hello you fool, I love you... come on join the joyride!' Where are we going so late, so tired and so happy?? It was our third wedding anniversary two days ago and after an afternoon shift, quick shower and a bit of smartening up - we headed to a close town of Wimborne and its great Italian restaurant - Topogigio. I have booked table for two and a half for 9.00 pm but we were a little late due to car park searching.

What a wonderful evening we had! Food wise, entertainment wise and our daughter behaviour wise - I couldn't wish for better outcome. We ordered a long-denied prosciutto e melone (melon and parma ham) for starter and spaghetti carbonara for me and pizza Bologna for my other half. Nadia had a tiny pizza Bologna but was so interested in table essentials such as cutlery, candle in a glass capsule, vase of fresh flowers, she barely had a bite of it. It was ridiculously noisy but perfect for a romantic shouting in our ears with steamy breaths. I wore a patterned black and white dress showing a bit of my cleavage and long brown boots.

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