by - Friday, April 14, 2006

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October it was, windy and rainy in this part of Europe when I was whisked off to the rural area of nobody knowing anything about Poland and its citizens longing for more than a nice view outside the window. I have been living with less clothes due to the suitcase size but with more books I have ever seen indoors. Top it off with five cats meowing to get closer to the fabric of my trousers, visitors from around the globe and nearer neighbourhood, wooden floors and tables, fireplace and a stray deer finding its way to the budding roses on the bush growing just outside the patio door of our room. If it's still not enough to get crazy about this place picture me holding a warm piece of toast with salted butter deliciously melting as I open the upper portion of a stable-looking-like front door in the morning to soak up first rays of sunshine and jump away when the cat gets through the pet flap right onto my feet.

I'm so happy to be slowly moving towards summer months and mark each day with a brisk walk along the sea paths wearing unbeatable baseball cap for every outing. Days are getting longer and the signs of winter are getting weaker with every sight. Who needs an open fire for days like these?

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  1. Replies
    1. With me or four-legged creatures?

    2. I shared too many things with four-legged creatures including my winter jacket ;)

    3. Sweet furballs will always find a way to our hearts ;)