by - Monday, April 03, 2006

at the seaside, love at the first breath, swanage,

at the seaside, sea, swanage,
spring at the seaside, swanage,
at the seaside, swanage,

spring at the seaside, swanage, spring,

spring, seaside, first sun,
seaside, spring, new beginning, swanage,
yellow flowers, at the seaside, swanage,

For the gardener, outdoor sports enthusiast or the fisherman spring is the most pleasant of times. I am neither of the above but coming of the season overwhelms me equally. Complete with the morning sunlight, bird's loud chirrup, rainbow of colour popping under my feet I cannot freak out enough. In those moments not only I experience living in a foreign country but also living for a foreign view - witnessing nature coming to life at the seaside can only compare to a few simple things in life. I guess dedicating two years to rural environment I'm slowly becoming a country mouse developing even more countryside habits as I speak and that includes sharing bedroom with bunch of cats, cooking on a cast iron heat storage AGA cooker and inviting flying creatures to our meals. It's our second spring shamelessly experimented for punches of colour and light, nature finds that can be brought home without asking.

Surprisingly for us, two adventurous bees flown here from the continent, spring on English Islands doesn't always move skies, break trees but works with the breeze and enhances images illuminated with silver of the dew. Luckily, exchanging postcodes not that all consciously we got to breathe in the crispiest air wandering freely on endless pathways for whatever days we have left here.

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  1. I think I recognize this lone walker on the first picture ;)

    1. He's fascinated by the view, so let's not bother him at all.